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Writing Program


How Are We Different?

Have you ever joined a class to improve your English skills, but ended up wasting your time practicing skills you had already mastered, discussing topics you're not interested in, or learning just to get a grade on a test? 

At Port of Conversation, we provide real-life conversations as they are the most valuable for you.  

We believe the best approach to achieve this is to have conversations about common subjects, such as current events or shared interests.  This helps create a community where these conversations can happen more naturally.  We like to think of this environment as similar to a port, a place where people gather from all over the world to share goods, experiences, and especially stories.

Our mission is to create this environment online, where people from all over can gather to share stories and improve their English speaking skills by working together with others in the same boat; a Port of Conversation, if you will. 

This is how we provide you with a real-world learning environment:


Work on skills that you need to improve on and discuss topics that are of interest to you or conversations you have everyday.  All lessons are online and are based entirely on your schedule. You'll also be able to join our online community!

Low Stress

Are you nervous about making a mistake when you practice or in the real world? Or worried you won't find the word you need when you need it? Being judged for not being 100% fluent? Don't worry!  We don't allow any of the above in our programming!


We don't offer a certificate of completion nor grades. Instead, we provide feedback directly to you letting you know what you did well and somethings you could improve on.  We give you resources and tips to get you started!

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