What Are Some Of The Themes & Questions Discussed?

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Group Classes

Please note that for all lessons, it is required that your webcam is on for the duration of the lesson and we can see your face. This is so body language can be seen which is part of the message communicated when people talk. 

Real Life Scenarios

What Are Group Classes?

Group Classes are 1 hour virtual long sessions with 1 teacher and up to 9 other students. We start by asking a general question such as those seen below and let the discussion go where it goes. The teacher's role is to moderate and make sure everyone has an equal opportunity to contribute to the conversation.


Community Access

The questions we begin with are ones you are commonly asked about in your daily life?  Some example include talking about your hobbies, favourite sports team, where you want to travel, what your dream job would be in your ideal world, and so many more!

Learning a new language on your own is never fun. But what if you had an access to a community with others in the exact same boat?  When you book a group lesson, you get access to this community for free. You'll get your feedback here so make sure to join!

One of the biggest issues with speaking English is you never know what you're doing wrong until someone makes fun of you.  Not anymore!  We will send you a DM in our community with 1 thing you're doing really well and 3 things (with tips, tricks, or resources) you can work at!  



  • What does culture mean to you?
  • How does culture impact language
  • What are some traditions you celebrate?
  • Which culture would you like to learn about?
  • What are your hobbies?
  • What is your favourite book and why?
  • What is your go to TV show?
  • What is your favourite music or band?


  • What pollution do you think is the worst?
  • What can you recycle in your community? 
  • What do you do to prevent climate change?
  • How has the climate changed in the last 5 years?


  • What is your favourite sport to play?
  • Are there any teams you cheer for?
  • Do you watch the Olympics?
  • What sports are played in your area?


  • Where would you like to travel & why?
  • Where have you travelled in the past?
  • What is your weirdest travel experience?
  • Are you an anxious traveller? Why?

Common Interests

Have you ever tried to practice speaking English with someone you have nothing in common with? It's not great. That's where the different themes come to play.  You'll be having discussions with other learners who want to talk about the same topic!

What Are The Benefits of Taking Group Classes?